Family Pieper


My grandparents Raoul Pieper (1919-1988) and Betty Broersma (1924-2009) are born in Dutch East Indies (a Dutch colony consisting of what is now Indonesia). The Family-name Pieper is of Dutch, Belgium and German origin. It was long said by family members that our family originated from Prussia in Germany, but little evidence was given as to date. Also, family archives in Dutch Indies got destroyed during and after WW-II. As the Dutch got prosecuted and killed at that time. First by the Japannese in WW-II and later by the Suharto Regime that claimed to free the country from Dutch occupation and slavery.

The marriage certificate states only his mother and no father.
Note: This document was created in 1952 in Dordrecht, after the birth of my Father.

On the obituary in 1920 placed in the newspaper by her husband. It is to believe that Lodewijk Gerhardus Jerome B�ger is her husband.
She died December 30th, 1920. Only 12 days after her last child was born named Esther Pieper (Also known by her nickname "Ant D�") who later married Heinrich Johann te Boekhorst.

8 years later also his father died when Raoul was only 9 years old. He and his sisters came under the care of Raoul's ant named Paula Margaretha Francina Pieper, who was married to Frederik Willem Karel Schrieder.

Due to the short lifespan with a couple of generations. The whole family tree was clouded in mists and little was known of our ancestors and more importantly how and when this familyname eventually ended up from Europe into the Dutch Indies.

After finding links to direct family on the website of Richard van Holtz it came the the attention that J.F. Pieper was the grandfather of Raoul, but only his death bed of May 1st 1900 was known within the current research.
All this was found in Delpher pages, but no data of his birth.
On Roosje Roos could be found that Johan Friederich Pieper and Pauline Margeretha Bellaart married on May 13th 1889 in Goeneong Sitoli, Tapanoeli, Nias (source: Regerings Almanakken (RA 1889) van Nederlands-Indi�).

  • In 1899 transfered from 17e bataljon to the enforcement troops of "Atjeh en Onderhoorigheden", as second lieutenant infantry, medical staff.
  • Sumatra courant of May 4th 1900: "OVERLEDEN: Volgens een alhier ontvangen telegraphisch bericht is de onderluitenant J.F. Pieper, vroeger hier jaren lang in garnizoen geweest, te Meureudoe (Atjeh) ten gevolge van zware koortsen overleden. Hij laat vrouw en vijf kinderen achter. Deze laatsten nog te jong om het verlies te kunnen beseffen."
    Translated: According to a telegraphic message received here, the second-lieutenant J.F. Pieper, died at Meureudoe (Aceh) as a result of heavy fevers. He leaves behind wife and five children. The latter are too young to realize the loss.

In 2016 I continued this research and went to the Dutch National Archive in The Hague for more information. After hours of search within Index Films, his name popped-up in KNIL Militairy Indexes. After writing down his Militairy Number "Stamboeknummer" 15730 and returning to the info desk, I got a ticket to view a historical archived book. It was a handwritten copy of all second officers and militairy personel of the KNIL.

This revealed the birthdate of Johan Friederich Pieper (February 6th, 1886 Barmen, Prussia, Germany), also to parent names Johannes Pieper and Johanne Dell, along with some physcical information like braun hair and gray eyes. The second page also revealed when and how he passed away. Cause of death a High Fever.

Although Germany is very good at archiving and preserving history. It was not that easy finding anything online about his parents. So Richard van Holtz who lives in Germany continued the search. He came up with the Birth Certificate (Geburtsurkunde) of Johan Friederich Pieper from Barmen-Wuppertal and the Marriage registration (Heiratsurkunde) of his parents Pieper-Dell.

Pieper Family Tree

41 recorded Pieper surnames in Family Tree.
 = direct ancestor of Edward Pieper.
  1. Johannes Pieper
     Family card
      6x Great-Grandfather
    1. Clara Maria Düerdaut
       Family card
        6x Great-Grandmother
      Spouse ( 1 Child )
      1. Johann Christian Pieper
         26 SEP 1769, Bühne, Germany
         20 JUL 1814, Bühne, Kreis Höxter
         Family card
          5x Great-Grandfather
        1. Maria Theresia Deventer
           27 AUG 1773, Bühne, Germany
           29 AUG 1773, St. Vitus Cath., Buhne, Westphalia, Germany
           2 JAN 1830, Bühne, Höxter
           Family card
            5x Great-Grandmother
          Married: 13 NOV 1796, St. Vitus Bühne ( 7 Children )
          1. Johannus Wilhelmus Antonius Pieper
             14 NOV 1794, Bühne, Warburg, Westphalia, Prussia, Germany
             11 SEP 1797, St. Vitus Cath., Buhne, Westphalia, Germany
             Family card
              4x Great-Grandfather
            1. Anna Maria Elisabeth Götte
               22 JAN 1799, Bühne, Borgentreich, Höxter, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
               Family card
                4x Great-Grandmother
              Married: 18 FEB 1829, Bühne, Minden, Germany ( 5 Children )
              1. Johannes Wilhelmus Pieper
                 8 APR 1835, Bühne, Borgentreich, Höxter, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
                 15 APR 1835, Katholisch, Buehne, Westfalen, Prussia
                 Family card
                  3x Great-Grandfather
                1. Johanne Dell
                   15 SEP 1833, Dönberg, Neviges, Hardenberg, Germany
                   Family card
                    3x Great-Grandmother
                  Married: 22 DEC 1863, Barmen, Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany ( 1 Child )
                  1. Johann Friederich Pieper
                     6 FEB 1865, Barmen, Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
                     1 MAY 1900, Meureudoe, Pidie Jaya Regency, Aceh, Indonesia
                     Family card
                      2x Great-Grandfather
                    1. Pauline Margaretha Bellaart
                       1873, Pariaman, Pariaman City, West Sumatra, Indonesia
                       16 NOV 1918, Tanjungkarang, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia
                       Family card
                        2x Great-Grandmother
                      Married: 13 MAY 1889, Gunungsitoli, Nias, West Sumatra, Indonesia ( 5 Children )
                      1. Maria Johanna Bertha Pieper
                         17 FEB 1890, Nias, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
                         30 DEC 1920, Batavia, West-Java, Nederlandsch-Indië
                         Family card
                        1. Lodewijk Gerhardus Jerome Böger
                           16 DEC 1869, Padangsche Bovenlanden, Sumatra, Nederlandsch-Indië
                           6 JUN 1928, Bandung, Java, Ned. Indië
                           Family card
                          Spouse ( 4 Children )
                          1. Raoul Pieper
                             7 NOV 1919, Batavia, West-Java, Nederlandsch-Indië
                             17 DEC 1988, Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
                             Family card
                            1. Betty Bettie Broersma
                               14 FEB 1924, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia
                               17 APR 2009, Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
                               Family card
                              Married: 21 MAR 1946 ( 10 Children )
                              1. [PRIVATE] 
                                1. [PRIVATE]
                                  Spouse ( 1 Child )


Total of 14 names in Family Tree
1x Bellaart  1x Böger  1x Broersma  1x Dell  1x Deventer  1x Düerdaut  1x Götte  7x Pieper


I889 Alida Cornelia Petronella Pieper (1898-1950) VV--VVVVF160
I1467 Anna Pieper (1874-1953) V---V-VVF850
I1666 Anna Pieper (????-????) -V---VVVF408
I1447 Auguste Pieper (1878-1968) VV--VVVVF403
I503207 Carolina Ludowica Pieper (1824-????) VVVV--VV-
I502467 Cornelis Gerardus Frederik Pieper (1895-1944) VV--VVVV-
I1437 Elisabeth Louise Pieper (1886-1964) VV--V-VVF329
I502692 Esther Pieper (1920-2004) VV--VVVVF501849
I500016 Eveline Mathilde Pieper (1955-1955) VV--VVVV-
I1536 Franciscus Christianus Henricus Pieper (1809-1809) VVVVVVVV-
I1670 Franziska Pieper (1888-1967) VV--V-VV-
I503208 Fridrich Wilhelm Pieper (1829-????) VVVV--VV-
I1445 Friedrich Clemens Pieper (1848-1916) VV--VVVVF333
I1433 Friedrich Joseph Pieper (1838-1912) VV--VVVVF328
I1392 Johann Christian Pieper (1769-1814) VV--VVVVF310
I500025 Johann Friederich Pieper (1865-1900) VV--VVVVF500009
I1470 Johanna Pieper (1882-1936) VV--VVVV-
I1444 Johannes Pieper (????-????) --------F332
I1469 Johannes Pieper (1880-1959) VV--VVVV-
I503111 Johannes Christianus Pieper (1804-????) VVVV--VV-
I503112 Johannes Franz Pieper (1806-1885) VVVVVVVVF325
I502718 Johannes Wilhelmus Pieper (1835-????) VVVV--VVF501861
I1367 Johannus Wilhelmus Antonius Pieper (1794-????) VVVV--VVF298
I503209 Jos. Ferdinand Pieper (1831-????) VVVV--VV-
I1665 Joseph Pieper (????-????) -V---VVV-
I1669 Klara Pieper (1891-1943) VV--VVVV-
I503210 Louisa Christiana Pieper (1832-????) V-VV--VVF346
I503110 Maria Gertrudus Pieper (1799-????) VVVV--VV-
I500007 Maria Johanna Bertha Pieper (1890-1920) VV--VVVVF500004
I1471 Maria Josephina Pieper (1841-????) VV----VV-
I500008 Orellia Elvira Pieper (1947-1947) V---V-VV-
I502468 Paula Margaretha Francina Pieper (1891-1961) VV--VVVVF501646
I500006 Raoul Pieper (1919-1988) VV--VVVVF500003
I500029 René Pieper (1918-1918) VV--VVVV-
I500030 Rosalie Pieper (1918-1987) VV--VVVVF500223
I1537 Sophia Elisabeth Pieper (1812-1812) VVVVVVVV-
I502466 Sophia Wilhelmina Pieper (1893-1966) VV--VVVVF501645
I1472 Stephan August Pieper (1844-1891) VV--V-VV-
I1468 Theresia Pieper (1871-1931) VVVVVVVV-
I506485 Wilhelmina Sophia Pieper (1893-1966) VV--VV--F502683
I1676 Wilhelmus Antonius Pieper (1797-????) VV----VV-